In emergencies, Medicare uses The Flying Doctors


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blue cross Pre-employment medical examination necessary for pre visa & pre departure is done since last 7 -8 years.
blue cross Medical fitness certificates are issued for almost all the countries including middle east, qatar, singapore, malaysia, maldives,mauritius, africa, u.s.a , u.k., europe, newzealand,australia and premedical for kuwait etc.
blue cross The medical examination is done as per the rules and regulations laid down by respective country.
blue cross Strictness about minor abnormalities are noted and authenticity is maintained at all levels for your well being.
blue cross Digital x-rays and pathological tests are done and reported by experts along with thorough physical examination.
blue cross Regular updating of specific company’s need, country’s need and employer’s need is taken into consideration before issuance of final report.
blue cross Because of high-tech and fully computerised and digitised set-up, any volume of work can be handled promptly, efficiently and without any quality compromise with same day reporting.

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