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As part of its main agenda“Medicare Investigations (P) Ltd” Vadodara, India, took the opportunity to promote its group of world-class medical facilities and medical expertise making India as a destination for medical tourism for world populace.

Concept of “Medical Tourism” includes combining Healthcare with tourism potential and offering the Best of the East and the West under one roof.

India’s emergence as the preferred Global Healthcare destination has attracted patients from the globe to come to India particularly Gujarat for treatment.

According to a study by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India has a competitive edge, specially its cost advantage.The Cost of Medical treatment in India is less than 1/3rd of that in many European and US Hospitals.

Gujarat’s medical expertise and the strength of its facilities are better than those of some of the nations worldwide. Gujarat hospitals are trying to do harder to remain on top by:

blue crossCreating centre of excellences in the respective fields
blue cross Quality stamp through accreditation from global certification agencies such as JCI
blue cross Developing a network
blue cross Customized Packages available

The focus areas for medical tourism have been derived from the fact that there are waiting lists in various specialties for both inpatients and outpatients, anything between three weeks to one year in hospitals in UK and USA and non-availabilty of faculty in Africa and other parts of world.

Many hospitals in India and particularly in Gujarat have experience in providing world class services to the serious patients immediately and according to them the potential areas for visiting India would be:

blue cross Cardiology/ Angiography/ Angioplasty/ By-pass Surgery.
blue cross Renal transplantation / Kidney related diseases
blue cross Malignancy / Cancer Treatment
blue cross Dental care/ Joint Replacements / Major Orthopedic treatment.
blue cross Cataract / Retina / Cornea / Complicated Eye problems.
blue cross Reconstructive plastic surgery
blue cross Wellness and Medical Check-up Programme
blue cross In-Vitro Fertilization / Infertility Treatment

With all diagnostic facilities………….

We at “Medicare Investigations (P) Ltd” can provide you complete plan and the desired support to help you get well soon in Minimum Charges and with Maximum facilities.

This is what, you really deserve.

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