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At SANITAS we are endeavoring to create an experience, not only in excellent healthcare, but also in excellent service.

If you have had a good, or bad, experience at SANITAS, we want to know about it.

Please let us know all the details, if it was a good experience or not so good, if you need clarification on something you were told. If you have suggestions on how we can do some things better, or have a complaint about a specific aspect of our service.

Anything at all, please let us know. Ultimately we want to keep our service top notch and we can only do that if we know about the things we are doing wrong, or the things you need that we may not be providing. Likewise if we are doing something right we want to know about that too so we can keep improving along those lines.

You can keep your feedback anonymous by not including your mobile or email. But if you would like us to follow up on a specific problem, or you would like to hear back from us on how we have fixed your problem, please leave us a contact number or email.

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